“A Goal Without a Plan is Just a Wish” -Larry Elder

Larry Elder said, “A goal without a plan is just a wish.” That’s all it is, a wish. And how frustrating a wish or a dream is while sitting at work wishing we you were somewhere else doing something else. Take life by the balls and put a plan into motion. Decide your goals, and dreams and make a plan. Without one, those cubicle walls may surround you for longer than you think.

How To Be Happier in the Cubicle TIP #4

I was thinking about the studies that show people are 53% more likely to feel better and have a more productive day when they dress nice. Studies do show that we are more likely to succeed when we feel better about ourselves. And, for many of us, dressing nice helps us feel better. So I was thinking, instead of telling ourselves we are getting up and getting dressed for another day in a miserable cubicle, we should get dressed for the most important reason…ourselves! This means we would be more likely to endure the cubicle and continue to pursue our dreams outside of the cubicle. I have a friend who took a job in university enrollment sales, but is working on his dream-job part-time in the evenings and on week-ends. He is almost done writing his 2nd novel and it is possible he will be able to be a full-time writer within one or two years.

The bottom line is we need ways to keep us going day after day. Often, the  job we are getting dressed for isn’t the job we would like to be getting dressed for. But the better we feel about ourselves, the more likely we are to succeed at making a transition to a career we would love.  

How To Be Happier in the Cubicle – Tip #3

OK. We all know that one of the biggest proplems with spending a day in the cubicle is time.  I believe we, as humans, should not be watching time go by. Time is our most valuable comodity and I think anyone who watches it go by, while wishing it would go faster, is going to feel dissatisfied with life. It’s just not natural! But, I have found that  if you utilize each hour of the day, and make those hours productive, it will help.

1. You are there, right? So try and be the best you can be at your job since your time is spent there anyway. You are going to spend the same amount of precious hours sitting there, whether you try hard to succeed at your posistion, or whether you try hard at doing as little as possible. And it just may pay off with praise, or even a raise.

2. I like the idea of using any down-time to make plans or lists that help you life outside of the work-place seem easier. The hours you spend at home go much quicker than work hours. They are very valuable and if you are organized and have your time planned, it makes your home-time even more enjoyable. Here are some ideas that you can accomplish while spending time at work.

* Make a grocery list.

*Make a Christmas list.

*Jot down your new diet plan.

*Make a weekly dinner menu. (Maybe even look up some new recipes online if your position allows it without hurting your position at work)

*Jot down your goals. This also helps to know that your cubicle job, which you make not like very much, is just a temporary step to get you where you want to be.

We all have ways that we can utilize time in the day. I know it is tempting to sit and watch the clock like it’s your enemy. But, the fact is that you have to be there, so why not utilize the cubicle hours. Organizing and planning your time at home will make your life in and out of the cubilce even more enjoyable.

The Fight for Cubicle Freedom

The road to success is long and I’m not sure that this trip ever ends.  Along my journey I have experienced ups and downs and some days definitely more difficult than others. But, the most difficult days for me were the ones spent working in an office cubicle. I have fought and clawed my way out of the cubicle and I have reached my own personal success. I have worked with many students, office workers, corporate leaders, and entrepreneurs. I believe in our ability to overcome our own circumstances and find our dreams. I would like to share as much knowledge as I possibly can to help you on your plight to success and cubicle freedom. It isn’t easy, but with action, and a little humor, it will happen. If you plan and focus you will succeed. Because, even the master of the ship,  the ruler of the land and the king of the jungle gets kicked into the cubicle… sometimes.