How To Be Happier in the Cubicle TIP #4

I was thinking about the studies that show people are 53% more likely to feel better and have a more productive day when they dress nice. Studies do show that we are more likely to succeed when we feel better about ourselves. And, for many of us, dressing nice helps us feel better. So I was thinking, instead of telling ourselves we are getting up and getting dressed for another day in a miserable cubicle, we should get dressed for the most important reason…ourselves! This means we would be more likely to endure the cubicle and continue to pursue our dreams outside of the cubicle. I have a friend who took a job in university enrollment sales, but is working on his dream-job part-time in the evenings and on week-ends. He is almost done writing his 2nd novel and it is possible he will be able to be a full-time writer within one or two years.

The bottom line is we need ways to keep us going day after day. Often, the  job we are getting dressed for isn’t the job we would like to be getting dressed for. But the better we feel about ourselves, the more likely we are to succeed at making a transition to a career we would love.  


Handling the Cubicle Next Door..

It’s always a good idea to try and be “neighborly” in the cubicle. But sometimes there are annoyances. And sometimes, you may be the guilty one.. such as this instance:

“Don’t you hate when someone yells at you over the cubicle wall to stop clicking your pen; so you stop, but then realize that you have to click it once more so that you can use it?”


These are some of my feelings about life in the cubicle. Maybe some of you share my feelings. Maybe some of you think I am just being negative. Well, we all need to find ways to make it to “jeans day” Friday.